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My primary purpose is to help those who invite me to re-connect their brain and heart. It is said that the greatest distance is between the brain and the heart. Re-connecting the brain and heart is the goal to become wholly integrated; become more grounded, centered, and focused. Where we are is a fluid line; trying to balance between our logic and emotions. Sometimes we manage to control ourselves and then in a flash, we are flooded with fear and emotions racing into the unknown.



Brain Training – Benefits of NeurOptimal®.   NeurOptimal® brain training works with the central nervous system – your brain – by targeting shifts in the brain’s activity that can undermine optimal brain function.

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Looking back in my life, I chose a physics degree utilizing logic (E=mc2); learning how to minimize the lows and highs of my life. Of course, that didn’t work! Next came a master’s degree in psychology, where I learned to understand not only my own childhood, but also acquired insight as to how I may be able to help others with the parts of life that prevent someone from being all they could be. And I gained knowledge that may assist others on how to minimize self-sabotaging behaviors and to move forward.  Information about the journey I took to where I finally had to determine who and what I am.


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Neurofeedback (NFB) has emerged out of significant advances in technology and enables new and innovative approaches to psychological healing and behavior change. New findings and revolutionizing the approach to human behavior and in particular brain functions. It is now recognized that the brain does not respond well to imposed structure and processes that are incongruent with its complex dynamical functioning.  This is called the Electroencephalograph or EEG.  With specialty designed computer software, information about the performance and behavior or the Brain and the CNS as a whole is then presented back to the individual via visual and auditory perception feedback.


NeurOptimal® simulates the “detected as change” progression by a proprietary nonlinear mathematical process (Joint-Time-Frequency-Analysis utilizing Duration, Intensity, Frequency, Shift).  Brain-training optimization non-linear Dynamical™ neurofeedback system – when the brain is efficient, the brain is able to regain balance on its own.


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