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I’m 34 years old with anxiety and OCD that have controlled most of my life. I’ve had many jobs, but unable to start a career due to being “stuck in my head.” So far, I’m in 60 sessions with NeurOptimal®, when I noticed a positive change around twenty. Emotions and feelings that I have not experienced in a long time are now a regular occurrence. Whether feeling happy or sad, it’s good to experience the ups and downs of life, instead of being constantly paralyzed. Before, I would be lost in a negative hole, taking many days before experiencing some positive feelings, which were forced just to be able to interact with people. There are now more genuine positive thoughts than negative. Now I struggle with a range of emotions, which is somewhat raw and uncomfortable, since I’m not used to this. However, I’ll take it. Being optimistic now is something I often experience along with joy. I now can manage my thoughts better. I don’t “spin the wheels inside my head” as much as I used to do. To describe my life now, I used to live in the rain, but now I enjoy being in the sunshine. Thank you, Buck, and NeurOptimal® for giving me hope.


As a 54-year-old woman leaving an abusive husband of over 26 years, I had many mixed emotions; including anxiety, depression, and guilt. I also have a lifelong history with anxiety and depression, along with some addiction to pot and alcohol. My life had become unmanageable. I was experiencing panic attacks, along with my concentration and focus being skewed.

I was recommended to a Psychologist and while sitting in her waiting room for my 2nd session, I noticed an article on NeurOptimal® Dynamical Neurofeedback® (N.O.). I was very intrigued, and I began brain training sessions. I had been in a terrible state that day, crying hysterically and ruminating about an issue that I just could not process. Within 20 minutes after the session, I was at home and this wave of calm and clarity hit me. After discussing the issue with my friend involved in it, I noticed I was seeing it in a whole different light. I was actually laughing about the way I obsessed on the negative of the issue and was finally able to accept it and move pass it.

I began doing N.O. sessions each week. And we'd talk a bit during the session as needed. I noticed my attitude was changing, my anxiety was lifting, and I could concentrate more after 10 sessions. Unfortunately, after a few months, the psychologist suddenly passed away. I was devastated as my world came crashing down. What was I going to do? The woman who had saved me, was gone.

After several months without therapy and neurofeedback, I noticed my emotional state declining and I was back to an unmanageable state. I had been looking for a local resource who used N.O. and finally was directed to Buck McDavid, M.A., a trained psychotherapist, but having decided to forego his license to be a Life Coach. Sessions with Buck were much different, as he spent more time with me; learning what my triggers were and going back deeper into my past. He introduced me to his Intentional Living program, “Finding Someone To Love”. We worked through the program together weekly, sometimes twice a week and at the end of each session, I did the neurofeedback. I was amazed by the progress I was making. I no longer had panic attacks, was looking at life differently; being more confident and focused. Now, I'm not saying I don't make mistakes! Believe me, some patterns are hard to break, and I've made my fair share of poor decisions; including trying to self-regulate my hormone and anxiety medication. However, we continue to discuss these issues and use N.O. to keep me focused.

Right before the COVID-19 madness, I rented a N.O. system for two months. I believe it was instrumental in keeping me from overload with new personal family issues, including being a caretaker for my 94-year-old father, ending a year long relationship, and working in the family business. Due to the COVID-19 quarantine, we had to lay off our employees, which greatly added stress. I have not had regular sessions with N.O. for almost a month now. Especially during this continued self-quarantine, I can tell my need for more N.O. regularity. I highly recommend NeurOptimal® brain training sessions to anyone dealing with stress, anxiety, confusion, lack of focus, and depression. It really helps me. Make It A Happy Day!


I have a wonderful 7-year-old Australian Shepard and I love my dog. When Pippen was 5, she started having serious seizures. I have a veterinarian friend and she stabilized Pippen with medications. After a while, Pippen started breaking through the medication regime, having 2-3 seizures per week and I was at my wits end on what to do next. I was becoming desperate. Buck told me that NeurOptimal® Dynamical Neurofeedback® has been used on dogs and horses to calm them down and suggested we start brain training Pippen. We started doing daily sessions which stopped her breakthroughs. We had tapered Pippen down to once a week or longer and I started getting lax on her NeurOptimal® sessions. Pippen hadn’t been given a session for a few weeks and she experienced a breakthrough again with seizures. We got back to her regular NeurOptimal® treatments and she is doing fine. I am so grateful and convinced that NeurOptimal® has provided Pippen relief, which gives peace to the family and myself.


Thank you, Buck, for the incredible journey with the NeurOptimal® sessions through my major life changes. I was able to retire at age 82 from my Resident Manager position that I loved, which was close to the ocean. With help from these sessions, I am now living in Grace and Beauty with the love of my life. I am forever grateful.


I was really struggling with depression and even suicidal at times. Shortly after starting NeurOptimal® sessions, people began to notice I was not so sad and had the desire to do things again. At first I don’t think I trusted the change, but I soon began to realize that I had energy, was happier, and more at peace…no depression at all. I am excited about life, looking forward to what comes next and am even pursuing writing children’s books. Surprisingly, I am also sleeping through the night, which hadn’t happened for a long time.


While I am a psychotherapist, I was suffering from daily panic attacks (ongoing throughout the day, every day!), PTSD, anxiety, depression, and couldn't sleep due to having a panic attack anytime I closed my eyes or turned off the lights. I suffered from early chronic trauma and attachment disruption, which makes me an especially challenging client to help heal. With Buck's help processing my trauma and the use of NeurOptimal® Dynamical Neurofeedback®, the evil that had consumed my life as a child into adulthood was removed and I am now able to trust myself and others. Learning how to breathe normally has greatly enhanced my healing. I have not experienced a panic attack in some time. I sleep normally, I don't have any clinically relevant anxiety, I am no longer depressed, and I feel much more grounded and whole than ever before. Doing follow-up brain training sessions helps me stay focused on my healing path. As a mental health professional and a client, I cannot endorse this treatment process any more emphatically. My praise is well deserved and not easy to earn. The overall quality of my life has dramatically increased to levels that I never thought possible. My initial goal was to be a “wounded healer”, but now I embrace being a “healing healer”.


I had been experiencing separation anxiety panic type symptoms since I arrived in California from a very rural area of Colorado with a broken heart and crushed dreams. I was overwhelmed, like a deer blinded in the headlights, and daily having difficulty focusing on my priorities. After 15 sessions I noticed an increased ability to focus more clearly and make intentional decisions. NeurOptimal® has changed my life forever, along with Buck’s support coaching. Currently with over 100+ training sessions, my life appears bright and clear. I am truly blessed to have experienced this unique brain training process. I absolutely recommend the NeurOptimal® Advance Brain Training System.


Living…life was decent. I couldn’t complain after all because I was moving into the next chapter after a painful one; one that was a painful marriage, both emotionally and physically. Counseling helped, but I still experienced moderate anxiety and sleepless nights. I could verbally express the anxiety during counseling sessions, but knew I needed something more, unsure of what that ‘something’ was. Just as I was about to experiment with anti-anxiety medication and possibly anti-depressants, I heard about NeurOptimal®. I was wound so tight in an effort to keep it all together; hold my composure in fear of coming undone. After starting NeurOptimal®, after only a handful of sessions, I could physically FEEL relief; headaches subsided, my body was relaxed, and I could finally sleep REALLY well. The 12 sessions thus far have completely changed my life. I am able to see the beauty around me…beauty that was so clouded by pain and anxiety before. I am no longer chained to anxiety and depression and have the ABILITY to TRULY live life, thanks to NeurOptimal®.


You ask why Neurofeedback? My simple response is: what do you have to lose? I remember so vividly the day that Buck told me about NeurOptimal®, I listened positively optimistic. That decision impacted my life and saying yes to my own advocacy to trying something new. I am a 34-year-old woman that not only has a lifelong struggle with ADD but has also endured many levels of trauma and abuse. I am proudly 12 years sober from drugs and alcohol and have done a lot of my personal work during that time. I have tried multiple different types of therapy, while trying to keep a holistic approach for my overall well-being. As many know, it’s difficult to work your recovery program while dealing with ADD, along with trauma related crippling emotional issues. While many were helpful, there were still holes in my life that needed mending. Many times, finding my next step seemed haphazard at best.

My first session changed my life! I have completed over 60 NeurOptimal® sessions and every time each session is different. I have become more cognitively and emotionally level with my attention and overall focus. My life has drastically changed and not only how I view myself but how I view life in general. I can relax and not be wound so tight, along with being able to plan my day in a linear fashion.

My entire thought process is now much clearer with old behavior patterns broken that were linked to old defense mechanisms. Habits that used to be my norm no longer go down that path. I do not compromise my behavior anymore and have found a much deeper love, respect, and care for myself and with others. Now, I effectively draw boundaries and clearly articulate myself in expressing those boundaries.

During my personal journey of wellness, I have found NeurOptimal® to not be a onetime fix, it is a maintenance for my ongoing growth and maturity. My mind and my heart have truly grown closer together. I’m able to effectively communicate my emotions in a calm way and my mind is clear as to what I’m trying to say. I now have a sense of freedom where previously my mind was blocked. I am now able to operate on a higher functioning level, not just existing in life, but really living and participating in my life. I am forever grateful to Buck for never giving up on me and for giving me this amazing opportunity! So, ask yourself: what do you have to lose and if the answer is nothing, you have so much to gain!!


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