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Looking back in my life, I chose a physics degree utilizing logic (E=mc2); learning how to minimize the lows and highs of my life. Of course, that didn’t work! Next came a master’s degree in psychology, where I learned to understand not only my own childhood, but also acquired insight as to how I may be able to help others with the parts of life that prevent someone from being all they could be. And I gained knowledge that may assist others on how to minimize self-sabotaging behaviors and to move forward.

To paraphrase Henry David Thoreau, “Most people lead lives of quiet desperation and leave this life with their song and dance still inside them.”  Worst yet, most continue to live without even knowing what their song and dance is. All of us have physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wounds that prevent us from becoming all we can be.  Some wounds we are born with; while others are conferred by life’s traumas and circumstances. Shame, guilt, and fear typically guide our slippery slope of quiet desperation in defining who and what we become.

Changing those issues embraces making different choices by taking personal responsibility for our thoughts and feelings that lead to our actions. Identifying our wounds, making a choice to think/act, and choosing a different path results in change. Many times, this is difficult to do.

According to Michael J. Formica; “It all comes down to choice. The decision to evoke change can be one driven by raw emotion or it can be a conscious, rational effort that invokes feeling through thoughtful process. Either way, we need to get from the head to the heart before we can create movement and proscribe for ourselves genuine transformation.”

That journey is where I finally had to determine who and what I am. I ask, do you know who you really are? While answering this question, the process leads to thoughts and behaviors being shifted and changed. However, the inner thoughts and emotional wounds (which lead to behavior) remain imbedded within us. This journey includes embracing our spiritual, mental, and emotional parts. The latest part of my journey led me to find that neurofeedback answered the next step. Re-training my brain has helped me in re-connecting my brain and heart, find Spiritual Integrity and knowing myself.