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My primary purpose is to help those who invite me to re-connect their brain and heart. It is said that the greatest distance is between the brain and the heart. Re-connecting the brain and heart is the goal to become wholly integrated; become more grounded, centered, and focused. Where we are is a fluid line; trying to balance between our logic and emotions. Sometimes we manage to control ourselves and then in a flash, we are flooded with fear and emotions racing into the unknown.


The causes are from small and large traumas that inflicted pain and fear into our brains and hearts. All of us have those splits from those disturbances that separate our brain and heart.

I choose to include SYNERGY within my Life Coach title to describe what happens when the brain and heart are brought closer together. “Synergy is the creation of whole that is greater than the sum of its parts (Ray French).” The more our brain and heart are merged together, the more wholesome we become. This leads to Spiritual Integrity and knowing ourselves.



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